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ST7e Widefield Imaging w/Camera Lens


CCD Imaging
Gallery - Best So Far
10" LX200

5" Borg ED Refractor      5" MN56    (Mak-Newt)
4" Borg ED Refractor
WideField (Camera Lens)
Unguided (TV85,TV101,C8,C9.25)
Guided      (TV101,C8,C9.25)
Unguided (TV85,C8)


Reef Aquaria
40 Gallon Reef   (Office)
135 Gallon Reef (Home)
26 Gallon Reef   (Old Office)
40 Gallon Reef   (Old Home)


The following are images taken using camera lens fitted on the ST7e camera.  Doing this kind of imaging is really fun and really pretty easy.  Of course the most important issues in getting decent results are a well polar aligned mount, sharp focus and the use of an IR blocking filter to keep star bloat down.

Cannon & Sigma Camera lens images

Nikon Camera lens images