Astro Equipment


CCD Imaging
Gallery - Best So Far
10" LX200

5" Borg ED Refractor      5" MN56    (Mak-Newt)
4" Borg ED Refractor
WideField (Camera Lens)
Unguided (TV85,TV101,C8,C9.25)
Guided      (TV101,C8,C9.25)
Unguided (TV85,C8)


Reef Aquaria
40 Gallon Reef   (Office)
135 Gallon Reef (Home)
26 Gallon Reef   (Old Office)
40 Gallon Reef   (Old Home)


Current Astro Photography setup as of 2/01/02
My current setups are a Borg 125ED refractor on an AP 400 QMD mount and a 10" LX200. The LX200 is also equiped with a saddle adapter for using the Borg 125ED on the LX200 mount. I have also been doing some widefield imaging using a Nikon zoom lens on my ST7e. Most Images aquired and processed using MaxIm DL/CCD v3.0 and Photoshop v5.0 using the SBIG ST7e CCD camera. One thing that I have done to make things easier for setup etc is to build a pier on our back deck. It is fitted with interchangeable top plates, one for the AP 400 QMD and one for the LX200. This works out very nicely!