Guided SBIG ST7 CCD Imaging


CCD Imaging
Gallery - Best So Far
10" LX200

5" Borg ED Refractor      5" MN56    (Mak-Newt)
4" Borg ED Refractor
WideField (Camera Lens)
Unguided (TV85,TV101,C8,C9.25)
Guided      (TV101,C8,C9.25)
Unguided (TV85,C8)


Reef Aquaria
40 Gallon Reef   (Office)
135 Gallon Reef (Home)
26 Gallon Reef   (Old Office)
40 Gallon Reef   (Old Home)

These are my best efforts using the SBIG ST7 camera for guided CCD imaging.  I am using the GP-DX mount with the DD-1 dual axis controller.  The controller was modified by Norbert Tackman to accept the TIC cable from any of the SBIG autoguiders.  I have used a couple different scopes on this mount, examples can be seen below.

Televue TV101 with GP-DX Mount

Celestron C8 with GP-DX Mount

Celestron C9.25 with GP-DX mount