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  LX200 CCD Astrophotography  

CCD Imaging
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10" LX200

5" Borg ED Refractor                   5" MN56    (Mak-Newt)
4" Borg ED Refractor
WideField (Camera Lens)
Unguided (TV85,TV101,C8,C9.25)
Guided      (TV101,C8,C9.25)
Unguided (TV85,C8)


Reef Aquaria
40 Gallon Reef   (Office)
135 Gallon Reef (Home)
26 Gallon Reef   (Old Office)
40 Gallon Reef   (Old Home)


The following is a list of my most recent images taken from my back deck using my 10" Meade LX200 f6.3 scope.  I am using a Milburn wedge, a 8" home made pier (well I had the welding done by a machine shop :-)), SBIG ST7e NABG CCD camera with a TeleVue .8 focal reducer attached making it an f5 system.  The OTA is balanced by using counter weights on top and on the bottom of the OTA whcih are adjusted to balance the camera.  This arrangement balances the scope in DEC.  I also use a 2lb ankle weight to balance the fork just barely to the East.  Software wise I am using Maxim/DL CCD for image guiding, acquisition, calibrating, adding and DDP processing.  For the most part I am taking and combining a number of 5 minute to arrive at the 60 plus minutes of Light exposure times.  While guiding, I am setting the aggressiveness to only 5 to keep the LX200 from over correcting.  I have also trained and updated the PE using the auto guider about 3 times.  The RGB layers are taken using the IDAS light pollution filter with the SBIG CFW-8 which seems to keep the colors fairly accurate since I am dealing with some light polution.  The RGB images are taken at 2x2 binning and combined in Maxim/DL CCD as well.  After processing in Maxim I then will use both Stella Image and Photoshop depending on what is needed.  Stella Image has a better Unsharp masking routine than Photoshop and Photoshop is better for the final combining of the Light layer with the RGB layer.  I use the LRGB method which in its simplest form means that you just "color" the light layer.  All of the detail comes from the Light layer so in the end the image can only be as good as the Light layer allows.

Imaging Setup as of 6/1/02

M20 75 minutes total - 60L x 5R x 5G x 5B

M63 90 minutes total - 60L x 10R x 10G x 10B

M13 45 minutes total - 30L x 5R x 5G x 5B

M27 75 minutes total - 60L x 5R x 5G x 5B         

M17 75 minutes total - 60L x 5R x 5G x 5B         

M51 90 minutes total - 75L x 5R x 5G x 5B         

M101 120 minutes total - 90L x 10R x 10G x 10B         

M16 60 minutes total - 45L x 5R x 5G x 5B      

M106 90 minutes total - 60L x 5R x 5G x 5B