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26 Gallon Reef


Reef Aquaria
125 Gallon Reef
50 Gallon Reef
26 Gallon Reef

26 Gallon Reef, running since 03/05/97

26 Gallon Acrylic Tank
3 x 20 watt 10k and 2 x 20 watt Actinic NO Floresent
CPR Backpack Venturi Skimmer
40 lbs Aragonite Sand, 60 lbs Figi Live Rock
Misc Leather, Mushroom, Star Polyps, Sea fan, Torch LPS, Moon coral
5 fish including 1 tang, 1 clown fish, 1 pygmy angel, 1 purple fire fish
Top-Off water is RO/DI with Kalk, approx. .25 Gallons per day