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Welcome to my Astronomy and Astro photography page. I will be posting my Astronomy experience and CCD images using this page. I hope this will help others in providing information about my personal experiences learning and using different pieces of Astronomy equipment. The following are links to various pieces of information on my history in this wonderful hobby.  There is information about different pieces of equipment that I have used since I was little, as well as my experiences learning how to do Astro-Imaging.  On top of this there are quite a few links to images taken using a wide variety of telescopes and mounts.  Unfortunately most of these images were taken while I was learning so the quality on some telescope and mount combinations are not as good as they would be if I was to apply the same techniques as I do today.

Current Best of Astro-Imaging

My Astronomy & CCD History through 01/02l

Chris Woodruff Gallery as of Sept 2003 - Images taken with wide variety of scopes

Astro-Imaging Equipment Used LX-200 w/Saddle

LX200 10" CCD Imaging

Unguided SBIG ST5 CCD Imaging

Guided SBIG ST7 CCD Imaging

Unguided SBIG ST7 CCD Imaging

Wide Field ST7E Imaging - More to come!

MX7C Imaging

Chris Woodruff Published Images

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